Week 4 at my placement at Thames Scotland already. Time does fly!

Let’s start this blog honest: this week I had doubts about myself and the things I want, once more. I was pretty convinced that developing new television shows was the things I would love to do most, and now it appears that I do like to be on set more. Honestly, sometimes I drive myself crazy in not knowing what I want.
So, I had a talk with both my boyfriend and my parents about it is what I really want. Let’s just name the facts: I love organising things, thinking in creative solutions and making sure everybody’s happy. I do not want to sit behind a computer screen all day but I do want to keep learning new things.
I was glad to see that we quickly came to a conclusion: I am learning new things at Thames Scotland and I’m having a great time over there – something I’m allowed to have without confining the rest of my life to this job. There’s no need for me to stick to this side of television making simply because I am doing my placement here: my learning goal of this placement was, after all, to see if the working environment was the right thing for me. And, on the plus side, it did confirm my love for making cool television shows, and I am learning to think in a completely different direction than I’m used to.
There are different sides to television production, and apparently I’m going in the right direction, but development production is not what I want to fill the rest of my life with. I want to be on set and be involved in the actual making and refining of a TV show.

However, this day at Thames took all of my worries away. I had the best time: it was a combination of research in the morning and testing out a new game show in the afternoon! I love how that’s part of the job as well, and this mixture of both theoretical and practical work made the day fly by! So maybe I drew my conclusions a bit too soon and is development production not so bad after all… :) And to be honest, the fact that the weather’s getting better and the days getting longer, really helps me in keeping a positive mind-set! WP_20160318_18_31_11_Pro_LI