Week 3 at Thames was fun!

Remember how I told you about that Idea I developed for my module Producing Factual Formats? Well, I went to Thames before this placement to think even more about the concept and the format points and eventually they pitched it to the BBC. The commissioner there really liked the idea, and it seemed like it was going really well, but unfortunately her boss eventually though it was too soft.
I would really love to tell you what the idea is, but things are not over yet: we’re (I say ‘we’ since I feel like I’m part of the team with this) going to pitch it again, but this time to Channel 4! Since the show’s still got a chance to get commissioned, I don’t want to talk about the content too much – you never know who might read this.
However, this did mean that a few things needed to be adjusted to fit Channel 4 better, so that’s what I’ve been doing for the biggest part of the day.
Even though my knowledge of Adobe-programmes is still very young, I feel like I’m getting better at these things every single day. I start to notice that I really enjoy editing in Premiere and creating things in Photoshop and/or After Effects, and I love how there are so many people around me that can help me discover these programs.

The other half of the day, I mostly did research again, so not that interesting to write about. I don’t mind doing it, but it’s also not something I can elaborate on.

In the afternoon, there was some time to talk about brand new ideas. Since I only heard that one hour before, I couldn’t really come up with things, but it was really interesting to see what the others came up with and where they get their inspiration from. As I already said before, you can make a television show about basically everything! I hope to learn to see the news, for example, in a different light too. Since my background is in art history and I studied at a Dutch university, I feel like I’m very theoretical – more than most people around me.
This way of looking at things (constantly asking yourself how you could make a television show out of this) is therefore really refreshing but I still feel like I got so much more to learn about this way of thinking. I feel like I’m still in the box, looking for a way to think outside of it.