Yesterday was the first day of my weekly placement at production company Thames Scotland.

Thames is part of FremantleMedia UK and has got two locations – one in London, one in Glasgow. They’ve made multiple successful factual formats like Take Me Out, The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.
In the first trimester of my course, I was following the module ‘Producing Factual Formats’ and during those weeks we developed a television show from idea to pitch and taster tape. Danny Rawling from Thames Scotland, whom we pitched our ideas to, liked my idea so we took it even further and eventually they pitched it to the BBC. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out, but it gave me the opportunity to do ask if I could do a one day a week-placement with them as part of my module Creative Skills 2 – and they said yes!
Perfect, because I am constantly changing my mind about what I want and how I want to reach that, so a work experience would be better suitable for me than creating a project (one of the other options within the module), for example. Getting to know the working industry and television world will help me in making the right decisions in my future career. So even though I will not have created a product at the end of this trimester, I expect to learn so much about working in such an environment and about myself and my future.

So, here we are. The day started at 10am which meant I had to take the train around 8am. Way too early, but hey, it’s only for one day a week. I’ll manage.
I’ve been into the office of Thames before, so I felt pretty confident in not getting lost. I didn’t, so there’s the first achievement of the day!
The rest of the day mostly existed of reading over the pitches and treatments, and watching taster tapes for new ideas Thames is going to pitch to either the BBC or Channel 4. There are so many different ideas and it’s really inspiring to see that with a little bit of fantasy and a lot of perseverance you can make a television show about anything!
The afternoon was spent on a brainstorm-session about one of the shows. Since the show is not pitched yet (none of them are) or commissioned by a broadcaster, I can’t dwell on the content of these shows and brainstorm-sessions, but I feel like I’ve already learned so much. Not facts or knowledge per se, but more about thinking in a different way and searching for creative approaches.
I’m pretty confident that I will be having a good time here at Thames…