Life in Septembayr

Pardon the pun, but it’s just too easy. Not a day goes by without me (or anyone else) thinking of a new pun which includes the word Ayr.
Anyway(r), good to have you back on my blog!

19-09 / 20-09
So my weekend mostly consisted of me and Jildou going to the swimming pool and putting a lot of make-up on our faces. Not at the same time, of course.

The university has its own gym! It’s really small and they don’t have all the machines I’m used to, but at least the machines they do have, are very motivating.

Franzi and Jildou invited me over for dinner with their flatmates and since they live very close to the beach, we couldn’t resist taking a walk – which resulted in this pretty picture.

I don’t know how Fraser’s butt ended up on this lovely picture of me, Helen and Jildou.

There’s the Eglinton Terrace-crew + me!
From left to right: Alice (France), Susan (Slovakia), Helen (somewhere around here), the best Dutchies in the world, Fraser (also a Scotsman) and Franzi (Germany). I really like hanging out with those people.

Very special moment: I got my first mail here in Scotland! The lovely Lilian sent me this lovely postcard, saying she hopes I haven’t needed my raincoat yet. I haven’t. :-)

…because the weather is still looking like this! Bit windy but I’m not complaining.

Although…. when I looked over to the other side, I saw these clouds. Scotland, make up your mind!

Games night at the union! Don’t think I’ve played this many games of Jenga before…

There always seems to be something going on at the uni! This time: Freshers fair (offering all kinds of information). Still don’t know why they didn’t go for Freshers Fayr, but maybe that’s just me.


Yay! My parents finally got Skype working! Had a good laugh about the composition here.


Thursday consisted of classes. I had to go in from 10 to 17 so it was pretty tiring, but it all sounds like I made the right choice picking this masters’ degree!


White t-shirt-party at the union! I drew this wonderful piece of art on Jildou’s back.


This may not be the best picture ever but the dancefloor was actually well-stocked! And since everybody was writing on each others shirts, I met a lot of new people. I like new people. :-)



Oh, Lilian? It started raining on the way back to the campus…


On Friday morning I’m following the module ‘Producing Factual Formats’ – which is exactly what I want to do with my life. !!!
And, the other good news: in the afternoon I was working at the vegetarian restaurant called the Artisan Lounge! Second restaurant Abel and I went to, two weeks ago, and that turned out to be a very good decision. Wanna see what ‘we’ (ha, that sounds good) sell? Go and take a look on their Facebook! Be aware of excessive saliva.
Oh, and this picture above is taken in the Morrisons, and it’s just to show you that Scots take their Irn-Bru VERY seriously.


So, yesterday, it was my first ‘real’ working day over there. It’s been great! I made some coffee, did some cleaning, did a lot of chatting. The Artisan Lounge is a small restaurant (they have six tables) so it’s really personal. It’s great to get to know some locals and improve my Scottish at the same time!
Also, it was just me and Garreth, the chef – which made me this perfect halloumi salad for lunch. I LOVE THIS PLACE.


It’s next to the Auld Brig so there’s a pretty nice view as well… :-)


How could there not be a squirrel in this blog?


Short sleeves and sunglasses! To all those people who asked me why the hell I would want to move to Scotland: HAH.


So, that was about it for this week. A few last things:

Things I am getting used to:
– Scottish (everyday I’m understanding more, and otherwise I’ll just smile and nod, hoping that’s an appropriate answer)
– The coins (very useful!)
– Looking to the right instead of looking left when crossing the street

Things I am not yet used to:
– I’m not too sure about this one yet but I think I’ve heard people say things like “Is that you going away?” and “There’s you using the oven” (meaning: “Are you going away?” and “You can use the oven now”) but this just sounds too strange – I’m doubting myself at the moment.
– The cashiers at the supermarket wait until you leave before they help the next person in line. So inefficient.
– When Dutchies say “Half 9”, they mean 8:30. When Scots say “Half 9”, they mean 9:30. Confused the hell out of me.

If you want to hear more about my Scotland-stories (love that word), you can add me on Skype! The name is (how surprising) hiSuzyQ. Or, you could wait until next week when a -already- third blog will show! See you then.

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  1. Another nice story! I love them…. The only and one time it rained you’re luckey to have your new raincoat with you

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