On this day at Thames I learned a lot about all different subjects: I was given the task of putting together all kinds of multiple choice questions that could be part of a new show, which was extremely fun to do!

April 1
I also sent out emails to people who are in a database to be cast for a new tape or pilot, to see if they were available to film a few days later. Again, it felt like I was really a part of the team, signing off my emails with ‘Suzanne Magdelijns; intern at Thames Scotland’, with logo and all. And speaking of signing off emails with your name and role: did I ever introduce the team at Thames?

There’s Danny, who’s senior development producer and team leader at Thames Scotland – keeping in touch with the Thames office in London, creating schedules and making the final decisions.
Shona is the development researcher at Thames Scotland and she is very good at editing in Final Cut, but also using Photoshop and she used features from Premiere Pro that I hadn’t even heard of before this placement! I have learned a lot from working with Shona and she’s given me so many useful tips on how to become better at editing!
Majella is the development producer which means she develops the ideas into something that could be pitched to a broadcaster. She is full of great ideas and knows what works and what doesn’t.
Even though everybody has their own role within the team, the three of them work best together. They are not afraid to criticise on each others ideas and are really supportive. Thames Scotland really feels like a team and I feel blessed that I could be a part of that for the last six weeks.

I was planning on coming back after this day once more, but due to deadlines (and deadline-related stress) I had to cancel that last day, which meant that this was my last day at Thames Scotland. I would like to thank Danny, Shona and Majella for this opportunity to let me be a part of the team and for everything they have taught me!